Kenny Rogers - Nov 2004 Photo by Alan C. Teepl...

Kenny Rogers – Nov 2004 Photo by Alan C. Teeple User:ACT1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dudley Moore, Photo taken at the 43rd Emmy Awa...

Dudley Moore, Photo taken at the 43rd Emmy Awards 8/25/91 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hansom cab and driver adding character to peri...

Hansom cab and driver adding character to period filming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some nice little dreams I’ve had.

I often have dreams where I wake myself up laughing.

One particularly strange dream-ending was a newspaper headline…”Brave woman strangles five-year old.” (As Dudley Moore sang, “Laugh? We almost shat!”) Few people would find that as screamingly funny as I did, I suppose.

Those of a certain age will understand this one. I dreamed of a man driving a Hansom cab through London. On the back was a sign that read, “Just say woa.”

Last night’s dream, told to me by Kenny Rogers sitting on a couch. “People told me that if I lost a car mirror I could have an accident. So I held onto those mirrors real tight and smashed into a tree.”

Anyone uses those as jokes – I have the copyright. Well, my subconscious does.



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6 responses to “Dreams

  1. The last time I had a dream with a celebrity, I was playing golf with Angela Jolie. Now, I haven’t played golf in over a decade and I have no idea whether she plays golf …. but I can dream, can’t I? … Oh, wait!

  2. I meant Angelina …. of course.

  3. Even with her double mastectomies? Do you lust after her for her inner self? I would hope so. But she is married, so it looks like golf is the only form of intercourse you would have with her. (And no jokes about Fore!play, or a hole in one.) Brave woman. But then again, my much loved aunt had a mastectomy, and no-one put one word in the local rag about that

  4. We’re losing the context without my first post being visible. Not sure where it is. Anyway, this dream happened years ago, and besides, I’ve banned mastectomies from my dreams. People show up in dreams all the time, no lust involved. Had a dream years ago in which I was on a bus barrelling down a steep hill with Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulrony on board … definitely no lust involved in that one.

    • Hi Glenn. Thanks for the responses. It might make other people think that this is a blog to get involved with. I hope. But, I think you’re right, we should continue those kinds of threads on email as much as possible. I know, I put these things up, but just to lighten the load so I can add more complex, ‘thinking’ type postings when I want to. I want to develop this blog into something with a focus on writing, philosophy and such, so don’t want to put much focus on the FB kind of banter. A little is good, but prolonged stuff of that nature between me and you should ‘go email’, if you don’t mind.

      I would also love it if you would consider throwing some ‘essays,’ thoughts of your own on writing, existence, and such, my way. It would nice for the blog to contain more things to get involved with – and possibly involve my ‘readership’ as the blog grows (ever so slowly). I have already asked other people whose minds and writing I respect to contribute if they ever want to. Of course, it’s on their own time, so I am absolutely flexible and patient about that. You are one of the few I respect that way, so your thoughts are more than welcome, if/when you have the time and inclination.

      (I will be buying your book soon. Just have to get my paypal account above zero.:) Cheerios Moi

      • Okay. Actually, I did write an essay last night regarding your blog post on how you got into writing. Your post was very informative. Lots of similarities to my experience. Unfortunately, my essay was written in my head while I was waiting for sleep to grip my consicous mind. Just have to get it into a file. Will post when ready.

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