My Personal Nightmare.

My Personal Nightmare.

Just as today, when some Amway-salesman philosopher can convince you that s/he has gained great wealth, and knows the way there, and that all you need do is to buy their dvd, fifty years from now, when the Internet and other media communications are the main source of mainstream knowledge; when the masses have no clue who wrote A Christmas Carol or War and Peace; then very canny idiots will be able to make millions passing off other peoples’ wisdom and intelligence as their own. They won’t even need to call it post-modernism. No one will care. If it makes money, in accordance with the American idolization of success and the successful, it will be considered a good thing.

Thus, centuries of human struggle and epiphany in human art, music and literature, will be diluted down to Wal Mart level. Life itself will become an absurdist uber-cliché, but no one will notice. How could they? There will be nothing to compare their vacuousness with. When stupid becomes the norm, no one on earth can discriminate between crap and quality, and the downward fall continues unimpeded. Just think, then – who is benefiting from such a state of human affairs? Actually, don’t think then; ‘then’ will be too late.

This is what advanced education has always been striving to oppose – stupidity gone mainstream. Ironically, the mainstream stupid are rabidly opposed to anything with a whiff of intellect to it; they see it as a threat to ‘real’ societyImage. Worse yet, the mainstream stupid are better armed than ever, with money, political movements, brute fascism, and a sense of entitlement: Not to mention the illusion that what they learn from the mainstream is the truth, their truth; and that you are anything but the truth.


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June 27, 2013 · 3:02 am

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