Ctrl – Alt – Delete


In real life, there is no scroll down. WYSIWYG.



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4 responses to “Ctrl – Alt – Delete

  1. Can you elaborate what you want to convey by saying in life there is no scroll down. My perception of life is as quite an dynamic entity, so i am not sure whether what you meant by no scroll down is correct or not.

    • Absolutely. Life is fluid, thankfully. That’s one miraculous truth. We are always vibrating with the molecular and natural alterations in psyche and nature.
      What I meant by the not scrolling was that you can’t simply scroll down to get away from what you don’t like, to divert yourself. And, in fact, reality is always there in front of you. Hence, WYSIWYG, ‘what you see is what you get.’ There’s no ctr-alt-delete to get you away from reality… so make it a good one. That was the subliminal message. Make sense to you?
      And thanks so much for commenting. I love it when people have things to say to me.

      • Except for scroll down I got all correct in first time, yet philosophically I am in partial disagreement with your theory, we in fact have infinite scroll downs, but we land up based on which we pick, important point being all these infinite scroll bars are constrained by entropy or time, once down we can’t climb our way up(Here I agree with you). So only thing that was missing is our decision capability which come through having infinite scroll bars not single one. Many times though we can’t undo our deeds but we are able to repay for them. If there is something amiss in my statement let me know.

  2. It sounds to me as if you are speaking about a vast time/space reality, where an infinite series of choices about the reality one exists in are there for us to make or choose. I see that as the true, multi-dimensional nature of existence. If that’s what you mean by scrolling down, then I agree with you. This is a view on Being itself, from the metaphysical and existential level. That is a vast ocean of possibility, of potency, and all manner of things.

    My thought, however, was simply an ethical statement, not an existential one really. I was focusing on the idea of being responsible for one’s life, right now, and not looking for a way to ‘scroll down’, to get away from what’s in front of you.

    The entire statement is a metaphor for ‘being here,’ taking responsibiity, as a human person. (Not within the grander reality of infinite possibility, but solely within the one life you are aware of now). That means not diverting oneself away from the truth of things as they are, in one individual’s single, present life. The ethical, moral imperative dictates that we must do this – and we ignore that fact at our own peril. If what you see and get is sick, unhealthy; if society and civilization are ill (which I think they are) then the only response is to face it squarely and build a more authentic, good and honest life. Life is not virtual – as it is on the internet, for example. It is here and now; inescapable. And no one is giving you a mouse and scroll down capability so you can avoid the here and now.
    Ironically, many young people are losing the faculty of distinguishing between real and virtual. The slaughter at Columbine in the U.S. is just one case in point.

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