The other use for a blog

Self promoting…… My Books

Check out my 2 books. More to follow, pretty soon. Watch for my sci-fi novel “…. Buffalo Roam”

VERY SOON – my first volume of short stories. Price FREE!!

All books, in all media formats, available at Smashwords, Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, W.H. Smith (UK) and numerous other outlets.

For a start, these two.

Cheers for today.


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One response to “The other use for a blog

  1. Looking forward to your short story collection and new novel. Kronos Duet is a compelling read that still has me contemplating some of the unique ideas you presented on how the universe operates. Of course, it’s Science Fiction so maybe you just made it all up … still, you hit some notes that makes one wonder if whatever we can imagine is somehow truth in some reality somewhere out there … or in there, as the case may be.

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