True story

Story of the day:

-I go to the courthouse to drop off my card that says I completed my community service hours. When I go in, two of the usual cops are sitting at the security desk, one that I went to high school with and one young male who looks like he’s 16…who is always there when I go in and he makes comments like “Ohhhh look it’s the artist!” and is overall really creepy.
-I walk through the metal detector or whatever that is and it beeps, and he tells me to unbutton my jacket. He notices the pins on my jacket, particularly the one that says “I love my vagina”
-he says “that one is kind of weird”
-My response: “Why? Do you not like vaginas?”
-no comment
-“Are you afraid of them?”
-still no comment
-“they’re scary aren’t they?”
-no comment, appears flustered, I walk away

The end.


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