Merry Christmas, humans and animals!

Good thing I couldn’t go to England this Christmas. Heathrow is in a mess, as is much of the country. Freezing rain and nastiness. Of course, here in Canada, that would be just another wintry day and people would still be driving hundreds of miles to visit family and friends.

I’m at home with foster cat, Sonja. She was found, with kittens, on a recycling dump. She seems to have adopted me… so maybe my short-lived fostering days are done. I’m in denial, but Sonja owns me anyway.


Not the best pic., but taken on a tablet, since my camera is out of commission.

Sonja got a pink furry mouse for Christmas, and some special food and treats. Of course, I couldn’t help but indulge (myself probably more than her) and gave her the mousie today. She loves it. I don’t think she’s had a furry friend since her kittens.

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope no-one who reads this is alone and lonely. If you are, say hello!



December 24, 2013 · 10:38 pm

2 responses to “Merry Christmas, humans and animals!

  1. Sonja is so cute! Lovely name by the way. 🙂

    • Yep, she’s a lovely little cat. And for some reason, Sonja was the perfect name for her. Her ‘foster name’ was Gypsy, and I just found that didn’t fit her; I like to give my pets real names that seem to say what/who they are, not nick-names.

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