Jo Hamilton, genius musician and singer


Jo Hamilton writes songs that will fill your soul and melt your heart. Her voice is intimate delicacy and epic passion, so beautifully controlled that she is truly an instrument of the sublime. Yet there is nothing daunting about her. Her first record, Gown, made people in the music biz sit up, stop talking, and drop their jaws. (Klang!) But, despite being hailed as brilliant and stunning, and despite the adulation of her artistry and of Gown, Jo is charming, and disarmingly, refreshingly, human and modest. Prince, yes, the Prince, loved her song Liathach so much that he arranged an instrumental version of the song and plays it in his concerts. It is just one of many works of sheer genius on Gown.

See her website at, and find her music and incredible videos on You Tube. Jo Hamilton will alchemically transform your day. She gives me, for one, hope in the natural progression of life, and the capacity of humans to love this world and one another. She is a blessing. Truly.



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2 responses to “Jo Hamilton, genius musician and singer

  1. I didn’t know Jo. Beautiful music, thank you for sharing Aldous!

  2. You’re welcome Elina. 🙂 Nice to hear from you. Jo Hamilton is incredible, and I’m doing my little bit to publicize her. Not that she needs any help. 🙂
    Keep well, Elina.

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