Yes, We Can See



Boycotting, refusing to be (and be classed as) a consumer, and living simpler, these are powerful tools, or weapons, to use against the evils of the status quo. Globalism used to be thought of in utopian terms. Now, the idealism has been chewed up and swallowed by corporatism and consumerism. Those are the two lines of the tracks railroading us into a future we did not ask for, desire, or envision. We can derail the train constantly and repeatedly by refusing to mindlessly consume; by boycotting corporations that damage the planet and its flora and fauna; by boycotting industries that exploit workers, both adult and child; by out-thinking their constant efforts to hypnotize us with commercials and magazine ads and by seeing ourselves as individuals with far more dignity than they think is deserving of mere ‘consumers.’

And while we are boycotting, choosing, out-thinking these rabid corporations and industries, we can also vote out of office their lapdogs and cronies. And we can keep doing this until the balance is redressed. Even if we must take to the streets to make the deaf elite hear us, we do not need to fear. The police state is merely the symptom of their paranoia and weakness. We can, and will, outlive, out-think, and defeat the neurotic armies of the ugly status quo, and heal the civilization of humankind. After all, it is ours. And it is our duty and destiny.


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