Aristotle was a clever old fart

Imagethere are some useful things…in which the young must be educated, not only because they are useful (for example they must learn reading and writing), but also because they are often the means to learning yet further subjects. Similarly they must learn drawing, not for the sake of avoiding mistakes in private purchases, and so that they may not be taken in when buying and selling utensils, but rather because it teaches one to be observant of physical beauty. But to be constantly asking ‘What is the use of it?’ is unbecoming to those of broad vision and unworthy of free men. (Aristotle, Politics VIII.iii)



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2 responses to “Aristotle was a clever old fart

  1. saritarani

    You really need to write more than this on this

  2. I think Aristotle said it very nicely himself. 🙂
    Thanks for commenting, saritarani.

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