No more ‘Under-reacting’ to the terrorist threat? The new normal, if we are stupid enough to kow tow……/csis-powers-be…/…

I expect we will see an awful lot of repetition of this idea now; that being rational and measured in our assessment of real terrorist danger to Canadians will be considered ‘under-reacting’ to the terrorist threat. Of course, if Harper and Co. say so, then, in true Orwellian fashion, we must now see terrorists everywhere. Anything else is under-reacting. It’s a very handy turn of phrase. From now on our government will not be taking away our privacy, piece by piece, or war-mongering, or, indeed, over-reacting. It will simply be doing the reasonable thing, making sure we are not under-reacting. A very clever way of slipping in Draconian measures and making sure everyone stays more scared than we were a week ago – forever.


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