The Alternative Trade Mandate and the Business of our Future

Thought-provoking stuff from my friend’s blog.

New Generation Trade blog

Do you care about challenges unfolding globally, not only for you, but also for future people coming to this beautiful planet? Trade is the only cross-continental plan, bound by law, focused on the everyday content of our lives. It’s truly the business of our futures. The Alternative Trade Mandate is one of many community-driven coalitions encouraging public dialogue to ponder and plan what trade could be.

Trade discourse sounds far away from our personal lives but it isn’t. The content of trade is now local. Since the eighties trade has rapidly shifted focus to community assets – like public services. With few tariffs remaining for goods around the globe, trade’s core content has become the stuff of elections – rules about control of contracts for: energy, health care, water, transit, and more. It shapes the parametres for pressing twenty-first century issues like food security and internet privacy. With 3000+ investment…

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