Harper sparks controversy by linking guns and personal security

Yep. Harper’s playing to his rabid core for the election. Amazing that a Canadian PM would not understand Canadian Criminal Law – or would choose to flout it. Ironic, that his statement of vigilante justice by gun owners could actually be interpreted as advocating a criminal act that would endanger Canadian citizens. Bill C-51 anyone?

Ottawa Citizen

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, after years of cautiously linking gun ownership to farmers and duck hunters, now says firearms are needed by rural Canadians for their own security so they can shoot people who pose a danger.

But a spokesman for the Canadian Bar Association is urging Canadians to realize that they do not have an automatic right to defend themselves at home with a gun, and could end up facing criminal charges if they do so.

Harper’s comments are being promoted by the Conservatives’ election campaign manager, who says she is “proud” of how Harper said gun ownership is “important for safety for those of us who live a ways from immediate police assistance.”

The Conservatives are distributing emails to supporters about Harper’s recent remarks on gun ownership, in part to raise funds, and also to spread allegations that the opposition parties would restore the long-gun registry.

Harper’s unusually blunt…

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