Politician Reveals Last Page of Good Book: “Our God Wins”

An interesting post from my friend Raj.

Humbling and Humility

Pillars of Creation (The Eagle Nebula) Pillars of Creation (The Eagle Nebula, courtesy NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team)

On ‘Face the Nation’ again today, or was it ABC’s ‘This Week’ by George Stephanopoulos, I heard something bordering on sacrilege, blasphemy, but not heresy…for a secular, democratic, tolerant nation. A politician claimed, at prayer gathering where he announced exploring a run for the American presidency, something he believes is revealed in the last page of his good book: “Our God Wins.” As the program host questioned this potential candidate, I turned the idiot box off and moved on to more important things: feeding birds in my backyard, and doing my laundry.

I’d normally not pay any heed to politician-speak, but two things he said stuck in my mind, and need resolution. One, he mentioned spirituality, that we need a new spirituality in America. And two, that his god wins.

My laundry is drying out…I have a half…

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