Austerity is a toxic lie.

“When you’ve got a significant deficit, we have to be very, very careful with every dollar that we spend,” she said. “We are going through every line of every ministry and we are asking ourselves, ‘Are we getting best value, best outcomes for this money?’ So yeah, there will continue to be change.” So says Liberal, (Ontario) Deputy Premier Deb Matthews.

No change, just continued austerity. Because their priorities are not those of the people they ‘govern.’ Deficits don’t really matter a damn, and can be wiped out in an instant, were the banks, the IMF and others to change their priorities in favour of human health, quality of life, the environment, funding education and supporting human endeavour, etc. etc.

Macro-economics as practiced for centuries, is a lie, packaged as ‘science.’ Its rules have been invented and developed to Byzantine proportions and complexity by a self-serving bunch of power brokers. Once upon a time, they were at least honest about it – “You disobey us and we kill you, or enslave you.” Today, they won’t admit they are doing that. They are trying to sell us on their toxic game of ‘austerity’ so that the killing and crippling of the 99% becomes mere ‘collateral damage’ from trying to balance budgets. All of it, just one huge, obscene lie.


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