I’m all for austerity. But it works this way…

I’m all for austerity. But it works this way.

We take the trillions spent on armaments, the military and slaughtering humans, and invest it in global infrastructure to responsibly manage and share water resources, to rebuild disintegrating sewer systems and build sewer systems where there are none; to fight pollution, to build roads and rail lines, to make higher education free for all who are bright enough; to build excellent hospitals where they are desperately needed; to feed the hungry, to bring peace and human-centred prosperity to everyone. That means every creed and religion, every ethnicity, every nation and gulag (i.e. the prison in which the Palestinians live, among others).

Austerity should apply to the present practice of funding what is destructive and detrimental to human quality of life, shifting it to caring for every single person on this planet, to allowing tribal peoples, indigenous peoples, the right to self government on their own lands; to stopping the rape of the planet’s forests; to funding alternative energy sources and R & D. All of this, and more, could be achieved with the shifting of the global ‘budget’ for military aims. It could create employment, globally, for millions upon millions, and help create a world economy, and thus sovereign economies, built on building, not destroying, on doing what we know are the right things, what science and thousands of years of human history tell us are the right things, the right ways, the right behaviours. That would be meaningful austerity. It puts to shame the toxic austerity-lie now being forced upon us and used to distort our thinking, to make selfish, petty cowards of us all. That would be austerity that ends the need for austerity of any other kind.


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