Through the Warped Looking Glass

If you don’t think the corporate world is a bit sick in the head, consider this. Financial company Hollis Wealth states in a new commercial that “People have the right to do well financially.” And yet, Nestle claims that humans don’t have the right to safe drinking water… and continues to use/waste massive amounts of water in drought-ridden California.

california-drought-before-after 2



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5 responses to “Through the Warped Looking Glass

  1. Am reminded of the documentary “The Corporation” where the picture is made clear: Corporations are given all the rights of the individual, with none of the accompanying responsibilities. When the principal duty of a corporation is to benefit its shareholder, and shareholders are the very few, then, by conception, …

  2. Yes, Rian. Corporate power was significant enough, back at the time that it won the rights of the individual; and the fact that they won those rights is proof of just how powerful they were. Things have only got worse since. A perverse paradigm was enshrined at that moment, and since then, the elite have focused on one ultimate goal, to solidify their control of human society once and for all. They think they have it all sewn up, that they have won the end game. Or do they? I sense a growing level of paranoia and fear evidencing itself in their attempted manipulation of populations, their creation of the unbeatable, amorphous threat called terrorism, their new, Draconian measures, dictated to governments and fashioned into legislation to cow and control us. The 1% are beginning to feel, I think, the way the French aristocracy felt at the time Antoinette said “Let them eat cake.” Their sadism and paranoia will only increase, I fear. But humans are better than that. If nature doesn’t destroy us, we can still evolve and rebuild a just and decent human society, which lives with nature, and doesn’t enshrine the profit motive as a deity.

  3. When, in history or in fiction, have despots relinquished control, or their power? When have the greedy, the lustful, changed their exploitative ways? We talk of the horrors of ethnic cleansing in the past many decades; where does anyone point to cultural cleansing, centuries in the making?

    A lustful pursuit of excess, a consumptive culture, is being imposed globally, I fear. Combined with systems long established, this tendency, bred and cultivated into the majority, enslaves them (us) to the ways of the minority that dominate. But therein – in just our numbers – lies unrealized strength, I think. What if we decline to cooperate with this way of life imposed?

    My pre-teen daughter and I talk about this often…that to prevent inhumane cruelty shown to animals and poultry (to nature, generally), all we need to do is stop consuming meat. She has decided to turn vegetarian, and I plan to join her (for the n-th time in my own life) in such practice.

    And we must write – as entertainingly as we can – about such steps…yes? For are these thoughts and practices not good entertainment for the masses? Sadly, the powerful minority have an unyielding grip on mass media, information and disinformation, as well…

  4. So true, Rian. We must write about this reality. The publishing world may prefer literary stories about family dynasties and save-the-world schlock, American style, but we need to engage with this watershed moment in human time, and engage others. We can entertain them with truth, bring something unique into their lives, and do it with artistic mastery. That is key.
    And awareness is so crucial, along with personal commitment. And yes, declining to cooperate with this synthetic, perverse lifestyle, sold to us by Wall Street and Hollywood and Wal Mart. Billions of us, one by one, saying no, can turn off the damn machine. It takes vision and strength of will, but it can be achieved. Glad to hear that your daughter is turning vegetarian early. I’ve been trying, later in life, and it’s difficult. But, baby steps with health and overall wellness, creates an internal paradigm shift. Salut!

    • Awareness indeed, A.H.Richards. My first book is one such baby step, perhaps, if you’ll forgive its inclusion in this thread…what is termed meandering within by a most diligent reviewer is, in fact, contemplation of many such aspects. A humble attempt to provoke thought through a deeply personal story.

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