Shifting Sands


Yesterday, colonialism wore the face of monarch and church. We find it easy on our consciences to admit to that kind of antique colonialism. But contemporary power lies no longer in monarchy and state but in corporate power, and that power is immense and sometimes insidious. That it is tied in with global economic paradigms, and (in the West and some other parts of the world) universal social paradigms, means that it is almost beyond reproach, criticism, or even critique. It is also largely beyond the reach of any government, any sovereign legislation or policy-making.

It is so embedded in our lives that corporatism defines culture, names and shapes our world views, so that we are constantly deceived into impotence or a sense that corporations are, ultimately, benign and productive citizens. Thus, the colonialist, predatory behaviour of many corporations is either ignored, falsified, or used, bald-faced, to intimidate those who would call it out. Bernie Sanders is well aware of the colonialist, empire-building machinations of global corporatism. Ironically, their predatory culture is, indeed, a real truism. So many of us have become addicted to its pleasures, and indifferent to its lethality (so long as it leaves us untouched) that the reality it markets incessantly appears to be self-evidently authentic, unassailable, self-fulfilling; in short, our destiny.

We tolerate this prevailing paradigm and its trappings, condone it, toady to it, and rush to its defense, from the lowest levels of society to the ‘highest’ echelons. In so doing, we, without the power, are fools. All of the big players, in all nations, including Canada, are playing the same game, a macabre, blind game of Monopoly with dire consequences. They do so because it is dangerous not to; because they are told it is economic suicide not to; it is politically unwise; it is also viscerally pleasurable and the stuff of (warped) dreams. Trump, Clinton, Bush, Cameron… the list of addicts is long…

I, for one, am not fooled, or soothed by such power or its globalist agenda. If it does not self-destruct and/or destroy our environment and us with it, its victory will nonetheless be hollow. It will have created a wholly synthetic civilization, a triumph of disconnection from nature and the planet that is the culmination of a predatory, man-against-nature paradigm that was birthed in prehistoric terror, nurtured in avarice, delusions of grandeur, empirical science and the militarist state, and now glories in its rape of our planet, calling it a marriage made in heaven. When corporate globalism wins, we all lose.

And, ironically, we are back where we started. The indigenous peoples of the world may be the only ones left who are getting it right, and who got it right all along, while we were conquering them and their lands while continuing to despoil and exhaust our own.

We have the capacity to right this godawful mess. Through new science, new technology, new social and cultural paradigms, and some ancient ones, we can build an alternative culture, and thus an alternative socio-economic reality. That is not hocus pocus or wishful, woo woo thinking. It is as real as the ground you stand on. The real ground, that is; not the shifting, artificial ground that is the playing field of the obscene powers that be. That ground exists by way of laws that they manipulate and design to their own ends, not ours. That ground is the killing ground we have known through all of our history. To continue standing that ground is killing us.

For millions of us, the war is over. We are washing our hands of it, and getting on with better work.

The paradigm shift is happening as I write this, and as you read it. Intelligent people, powerful people, geniuses, and millions more un-named people, are already drawing the blueprints and laying the foundations of this civilization. It took us a few thousand years to come to this impasse, where we could destroy virtually everything, either slowly or speedily. It may take us a few centuries to create a real, fundamentally true, ethical, sustainable civilization. That is nothing. A mere blip. But achieving it would be the ultimate, most profound justification for our existence and meaning as a species. The status quo is also profound: a profound delusion, inherently diseased. I am, literally, sick of it.



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5 responses to “Shifting Sands

  1. Roberta Cory

    The ad above (on this page as I write) is PEACE-OF-MIND Maintenance Service, $69.95. Is this for real? Did Aldous make this up??? Can I buy a plan where my peace of mind will be maintained for me? Is it Dyskneeland? Is is Cosco – acres of choices? Is is Donald Trump who will fix everything himself so none of us have to worry anymore about the world? Which is better…peace of mind or angst? At least with the second you know something is not all right and maybe deserves some analysis and some attention. Thanks for the blog, Aldous. Yes, the paradigm has changed already – get on the bus folks! Roberta Cory

  2. Apparently, WordPress embeds advertising in peoples’ blogs, and then asks you to upgrade your service so that you can block them from your site. Why am I not surprised at such money-grubbing practices? It’s a species of negative billing, absolutely without my consent. Who knows what corporation or idiotic enterprise I can unwittingly become a shill for?

  3. Thoughtful, deep, and troubling, Aldous…

    • Hi Rian. Good to hear from you. Yes, it is deeply troubling. But at the same time, I know that so many people are awake to the reality, and are putting their shoulder to the wheel and getting good and necessary things done or imagined. So there is a positive side to this. We have the capacity to greatly improve our lot and our relationship with the planet; they are not mutually exclusive. And, it must be said, the advocates of a myriad solutions are not – as the vociferous dimwits of the world would have it – a bunch of crazed Lefties. (As if the real world is split into Right and Left… now there’s a delusion to beat all. One which can only arise out of blinkered thinking from within the artificial world I describe.) I have profound trust that ultimate reality will win out, and that the planet will either right itself without us, or with us having cut the umbilical cord to our past history of slaughter and insane consumption. Either way, the sickness in us will be wiped out as much as is possible, and a re-balance achieved.

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