Donald Trump a Hitler-in-waiting?

Some people glibly compare Trump to Hitler. Fortunately for the U.S. and the rest of us, Trump has none of the (perverse) substance of Hitler, and barely any charisma. He is a long train wreck, decked out in election bunting and bullshit, who hasn’t a clue how to make allies or how to inspire people to anything like the level Hitler could. Adolf Hitler worked very hard, for many years, to finally reach his goal of dictatorship. He played the world’s leaders expertly. By comparison, Trump has – rank opportunist that he is – only managed to bluff his way to the top of the bankrupt dungheap that is the present, schismatic, Republican party.

Trump has managed to plug into the ignorance and bigotry of a percentage of the American people, but he has nothing else with which to maintain power. He has no legions of brownshirts, no coherent, unified vision, no Gestapo infiltrating, intimidating and murdering opponents and dissenters. The petty egotism that drives him is not sufficient to make him a leader – even a sociopathic, perverse one.

But there is one way in which Trump echoes Hitler. At the approaching end of a world war in which Hitler almost conquered the planet, Hitler spent his days madly screaming about the ‘super weapons’ that Germany was building, which would ensure his victory. Terminally damaged in body and mind, Hitler hallucinated a power he no longer had. Likewise, but without any war victories, without any long tests of his endurance and vision, Trump is similarly squawking “I’m gonna build a wall. I’m gonna build a wall” as if that will be his crowning achievement once he becomes president. Hitler ended his reign totally deluded. Trump began his bid for power just as deluded. He is an oaf, an emperor without a stitch of clothing, a serial bankrupt, an utter clown with delusions of grandeur. Even if he were to become president (my intuition tells me) he would self destruct in the effort to carry out his responsibilities as the most powerful leader on the planet. His presidency would echo the string of bankruptcies for which he is famous. Which makes sense. He is ethically, ideologically and intellectually bankrupt already.


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