Trump has slotted himself into a common role in American culture, especially for the rabid right, joining lesser maniacs like Bill O’Reilly. He is a Jeremiah, a figure who laments the degeneracy of the present (you know, Mexicans, Blacks not knowing their place, Mexican rapists and drug dealers, Muslim terrorists in every apple-pie neighbourhood) and compares it to some Golden Past. That past never existed, and proof that it did is not necessary. It only has to be summoned up in the minds of fearful, ignorant racists who want to reduce a complex world into something small and black-and-white, preferably controlled and ordered by their violence and guns. Wishful thinking, racism and cowardice are thus transformed into something pretending to be ideology. This is what the Republican Party has done to itself. Populism, in their hands, coupled with a raging desire to grab the reins of power, has turned into toxic rage, fueled by ignorance and lies. The bigger the lie, the better. And there is none bigger than Trump, an imitation of that clown, Mussolini.


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