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A Spectacular Failure

Excuse me for stating the bleeding obvious, this late in the most repugnant election campaign in America’s history… But here it is. The media have spent a lot of time, a lot of ‘ink’ on repeating how Trump is a serial liar, a misogynist, a bankrupt, a racist, etc. (you all know the litany)… But they have, in total, as a group, spent virtually not a minute, discussing Trump’s utter bankruptcy as regards policy, either existing or envisioned. They have not meaningfully, substantively, compared one scrap of his political experience or knowledge, either as regards domestic issues or foreign, with that of Hillary Clinton. Heck, they haven’t even detailed his policies on their own merits, leaving comparisons out of the equation. They have reported his every nasal sniff, his every insult and gaffe, even the rambling, incoherent blather that he presented as ‘debate’ on (inter)national television, and have condemned him, rightly, for all his blatant faults, including his inciting his followers to violence. But not one article laying out and assessing Trump’s ideology and policy. And yes, I can state the obvious: that they have not done so because he has no insight, no policy, and virtually no knowledge of government, or domestic or foreign policy. But what is more surprising to me – even shocking – is that his lack of knowledge, policy, vision and experience never, ever, became what it should have been in this election – the PRIME reason to disqualify him as a credible presidential candidate. In fact, we know that he has run for office, and run his entire campaign, and garnered ENDLESS attention based on his utter bankruptcy, and his blatant compensation for this lack with one vice after another. And NO-ONE has eviscerated him for this. The Emperor who has no clothes has simply waved his willy at the cameras for the entire campaign, and is now probably holed up in the Trump Tower waving his willy at New York. Because it has worked for him. And he has absolutely nothing else to offer. Thank you, America, for this circus of absurd, ugly idiocy, in which you have not asked Trump any of the questions that need answering by a candidate for president. What hitherto unknown drug were you all smoking that put you in this utterly stupid haze? How did you manage, and how can you justify having failed so spectacularly?



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